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Cat Hammock, New Moon Cat Swing Chair, Elevated Cat Bed for Indoor Cats, Cat Furniture Gift for Cat or Small Dog, Upgrade White

Cat Hammock, New Moon Cat Swing Chair, Elevated Cat Bed for Indoor Cats, Cat Furniture Gift for Cat or Small Dog, Upgrade White

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  • Switch Between Cat Bed And Cat Cradle - The cat hammock has an adjustable support wood at the bottom. During cat's night sleep, the anti-sway design with wooden blocks stabilizes the bed and prevents it from rocking. During the day, the wood can be retrieved when the kitten is playing and used as a swing toy for the cat.
  • Perfect Premium Cat Hammock - Pet hammock is made from natural pine wood and Plywood that is attractive in the home. It is a piece of furniture, designed and built to last for years. We know you and your pet will enjoy our bed, however, if you are not completely satisfied with it at any time, simply contact us.
  • Get Your Pet Off The Floor - Sleeping or napping on the hard floors is not always the best place for your pets. Cats always prefer to sleep in high places—they feel safe. With a Hammock Bed, you can provide a very cozy and safe place for your furry friends.
  • Easy To Clean - The breathable velvet cushion is reversible and can easily be removed for machine washing. And is designed to keep your dog cool during hot weather.
  • For Most Types Of Cats - Small dogs, cats, bunny and any other small pets you may have will love their new elevated cat bed. Holds comfortably up to 20 lbs
  • Easy Assemble & Satisfaction Guarantee - Detailed installation instructions and videos are easy to follow and came with all the tools needed. If you have any dissatisfaction with our products in 30 days after purchase, please feel free to contact us through Amazon. We will solve the problem for you within 48 hours. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Product Description


UKUMARU comes from a true story about a grandma and the cat Fukumaru, the special bond between old grandma and her cat touches countless people.

Intending to spread the genuine relationship between pets and humans, FUKUMARU brand was established.

FUKU means fortune, MARU is circle, with FUKUMARU, Fortunes follow.


A Cozy Nap Place for Your Pets

1. Cat needs to sleep 14-16 hours. A cozy cat bed is necessary.

2. Simulating natural environment, cats spend the night on wiggly trees.

3. A new place to explore. Keep your cat curious.

4. Master the art of swinging give your cat a sense of accomplishment.

5. Relieve many of the pressure points often associated with arthritis in pets.

Attractive, Pet Love

Both dog and cat love the chair bed, because its sleeping surface that suspends between posts can respond to their body shape, hugging them and providing extra warmth. Which is much more supportive and comfortable than an overstuffed cushion.

2 In 1 Chair

With the anti-sway woodblock, it can easily switch between cat bed and cat cradle for cat multiple daily use cases. A new moon cat hammock would be a great gift for your cat.

Portable To Carry

Unlike a window hammock, it is not only comfortable but also convenient and portable to carry wherever you want. It also complements the best of home decor, you can place it anywhere in your home according to your needs.

Sturdy Construction

No worry about it toppling or wobbling. This hammock can comfortably hold small dogs, most size kitty, and any other small pets.

Removable & Washable

Our New Moon Cat(Small Dog) Swing Chair is easy to disassemble and clean. The cloth is dirty-resistant and can be washed directly with water.


Are you tired of your cats marking their territories all over your home? Now that they have their very own cat bed, they have their property where they can lounge in. That way, they can mark their territory there without making a mess in your home.

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Price $24.79$24.79 $29.79$29.79 $34.79$34.79 $24.79$24.79 $29.79$29.79
Main Material Ceramic/Bamboo Beech Wood/Jute Felt/Polyester Oxford/Mesh Cardboard/Board/etc. Rubber Wood/Sisal
Size/Inch 13.4×6.2×4.9 In. 21x16.5x10 In. 18x18x7.8 In. 18.5x11.8x11.6 In. 26.8 x 16.6 x 11.5 In. 15.7×10×4.5 In.
Optimal Load 15° tilted elevated Up to 40 lbs Pet Up to 25 lbs Pet Up to 44 lbs Pet Can be Flipped/ Durable Up to 30 lbs Pet
Cat or Small Dog
Machine Washable (Fabric)
Usage Scenario Floor Floor Floor Airline, Car Floor/Wall Wall
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